Benefits of using Hotrod

Hotrod was born from our team’s firsthand experience with the challenges of data ingestion. We believe that data insights should be simple, easy, quick, and reliable from upstream, without a dependency on highly technical skills.

"The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data"

In the data engineering domain, Hotrod is an accelerator towards achieving key technical and organizational objectives.

Enhanced Direct Value to Customers

Reduce the need for developer involvement in log duty and data ingestion.

Ensure work and insights continue flowing without a dependency on developer capacity. Free developers to focus on direct value creation for customers.

Cleaner Logs, More Budget.

Aggregate and reduce data at source.

Optimize volume and reduce cost on volume priced analytics products. Save enough to cover the Hotrod license fee while leaving budget to spare.

Increased Data Security and Integrity.

Ensure quality data from upstream.

Discover, clean, encrypt, and mask your data at source. Enrich and format data on the fly.

Empowered Teams, Confident Decisions

Decrease time to value.

Centralize management of data ingestion pipes across data silos. Simplify data engineering with our low code proprietary language.