Take control of your data and reduce costs.
Shift left with ease.

Purpose built for decentralized data analysis from the source to streamline collection ingestion processing routing filtering downsampling

Stream data directly from the edge in real-time to your entire stack. Modernize your pipes with Hotrod and route intelligence on demand.

Built for Data Engineering teams that need to scale and automate data intelligence.

Enterprise SaaS
Media and Gaming
Power your data ingestion directly from the source with intelligence. Automate data collection with precision across incoming data streams while filtering, processing, sampling and reducing volume. Push insights directly into analytics platforms without pre-processing or ETL.
Deploy Hotrod as bridge to unify disparate systems and protocols including between HTTP Services, UDP, TCP and Queues (AMQP, Kafka, NSQ) while converting static SQL data sources into streams.
Hotrod can collect and route metrics, logs and other data to different locations. Use Hotrod for log shipping, or to instrument systems that lack observability and telemetry mechanisms.
Launch real-time event streams with rich behavioral insights into analytics platforms to accelerate insights for analysts, marketing and product teams.
Reduce Costs
Reduce data infrastructure costs and enable engineering teams to focus on insights, not data prepping.
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Why Hotrod?

Decentralize data analysis from the source across logs, metrics, events, traces or telemetry.

Hotrod’s low code UI enables devops and SRE teams to become data engineering experts, without complexity.

"Speed and scale gave us an edge to serve our global customers."

DevOps Engineer, Multinational Telecoms Provider